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View from the East Stand: We sweated, the team didn't

A hot and humid day in Frisco, as the Portland Timbers were pitted against our streaking FC Dallas.

A hot and humid day to say the least on Saturday night, clear skies with the sun on the horizon. Weeks of 100 degree weather and a foreseeable future of 100 degree weather means our weather has turned weapon-like against most opposing teams. It also means we have some soaked shirts and jerseys after the match if the breeze isn't strong enough!

A very nice crowd filled the stadium, with the east stand having a very nice attendance this weekend. Last week was a nice crowd, and now this? Maybe attendance might be looking up now that the weather is consistent, not rainy, and the team is doing so well. Really hoping this leads to attendance staying at this level as the crowd was again really into the match.

Barrios Barrios!

I've been waiting and waiting for this guy to really start producing. Since he arrived in FC Dallas I couldn't wait for him to break out and become a winger worthy of being opposite to Fabian Castillo. He's still not near Castillo level, but this game has to be a big boost to his confidence and definitely a sign that he's progressing towards the level we'd love to see him at. Can you imagine having Michael Barrios near Castillo's level? Two wingers opposite of each other that are both devastating to defenses? It's the dream.

Timber Fans in Force

As per usual, the Portland Timbers fans were out in force this game day. Not sure if there's just a bunch of converted Dallas citizens here, or if there's really this many citizens of Portlandia living in Dallas but the Timbers always have a nicely sized crowd coming in for their games. Didn't get to meet any, but I did enjoy seeing the disappointment on their faces once we started running up the score on their team! Once it hit 4-0 I saw a large number of Timber fans heading for the exits, couldn't blame them though.

Fan quote of the night: "Go back to Timberland!" - my sister's attempt at trash talk.

Who all went and sweated everything they had for this game? Anyone meet any of the traveling Timbers fans? Feel like this is Barrios' breakout game? Let me know in the comments below!