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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, July 23, 2015

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It was quite the show in Atlanta yesterday for CONCACAF.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was absolutely crazy in Atlanta at the Gold Cup.

// FC Dallas //

FCD got their man |

It felt like a long time coming for some folks but officially announcing Ezequiel Cirigliano yesterday was a big step forward for FCD. Loads of potential in this guy and he is another young piece to put in the midfield.

Diaz helped recruit Cirigliano |

No surprise here since they had some time together at River Plate. Hopefully that familiarity will help him get acclimated to the league and to Dallas for that matter quicker.

// MLS //

Larin's red card is overturned | The Mane Land

Well, they got one removed from the books but I don't see Orlando stopping their comments on the MLS refs anytime soon.

Sao Paulo rejects Orlando's offer on player | The Mane Land

Staying with Orlando for a moment. They've had quite the week here. A little back story on this transfer rejection. Last year they loaned Kaka to Sao Paulo to keep him match fit for this year and agreed to two friendlies with the Brazilian club. Neither of those friendlies happened and Sao Paulo never paid them anything (because they are broke) and Orlando thought getting one of their players on a transfer would be a way to call it even. Now the two sides are going to court.

How Columbus planned the fastest PK in MLS | Massive Report

A designed play to cause the keeper to foul you in the box. Genius.

// Gold Cup //

Jamaica shocks the US in semifinal | Stars and Stripes FC

Some of you thought I was crazy to think that the US would have a tougher time than Mexico would with Panama (I'll actually call that one even given last night's results). Still, the US never looked the part in this one and Jamaica made them pay in a big way for it.

Three things we learned from the loss to Jamaica |

First loss in the US by the USMNT since the 1960s to a Caribbean team. Yikes.

Where does the US go from here? |

The question gets asked, does Jurgen lose his job over this loss? I think not but he is certainly back on some thinner ice.

The US loss wasn't the craziest thing to happen in Atlanta | Washington Post

Yeah, that final minute or so in Atlanta where Mark Gieger called a bad penalty against Panama will go down as one of the most CONCACAF moments ever.