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Rumor: Olympiacos could make offer on Fabian Castillo

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Could the Greek side swoop in and take the All-Star away?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The summer transfer rumor mill is still spinning out rumors left and right and this one today may be a bit of a tough one to wrap your head around.

I've been told in the past by sources close to FC Dallas that the team isn't going to sell Fabian Castillo any time soon unless they get an offer that would 'knock their socks off'. I kind of doubt that $3.5 million would be an offer that would do such a thing to their socks. I would imagine the minimum FCD will look to sell him at is around the $5 million range. But with Castillo locked into a deal with the club until 2019, that $5 million number may even be too low even the amount of investment the club is putting into the 2015 All-Star.

For those curious the Olympiacos head coach Silva has coached some MLS talent before during his time with Portuguese side Sporting CP. He coached former Seattle forward Freddy Montero and former Sporting KC midfielder Oriol Rosell.