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Triple S: District Hoops > The Capitol

FC Dallas left it late in a hard-fought match but managed to tuck a goal away in the dying embers of the match to snatch three points away from the Capitol on a sweltering Saturday night in Frisco.

Post-war happiness!
Post-war happiness!
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In an age of revolutions and resistance against the Capitol, District Hoops stuck together and came away with the knockout blow to send President Ben Olsen and his team reeling back to where they belong. It did not always appear to be written in the stars for the Hoops. The good revolutionaries struck first on Sergeant Kellyn Acosta's first ever strike in the rebellion only to be undone by a friendly fire incident by Captain Matt Hedges a few minutes later. The question that naturally arose to the minds of the masses affected by the outcome of this match, "will the Hoops District be able to overcome this lapse in concentration and come out on top for the sake of humanity?" The answer was yes, as our flaming Mockingjay, Fabian Castillo, came in at the very end and powerfully ensured victory for the District. The bystanders were ecstatic. The good guys had managed to pull it off against all odds and the Capitol was defeated.

The Splendid

Our Mockingjay, flashy, on-fire at times, and frustratingly enigmatic at others is Fabian Castillo. Fabi carried his district in traditional Hollywood movie style. He was largely shut-down throughout the match, creating chances few and far between. However, when it mattered most, the Mockingjay appeared and flew gracefully to the penalty spot before striking powerfully and giving the guard of the base, Andrew Dykstra, no chance. Fabi performed like an all-star, lifting his group at the death when they needed him the most, showing up in the right place at the right time and not being fazed by the moment. Salute to our Mockingjay!

In any battle, the center units are the most important but often most overlooked. The heart of the army, the center units are not given the flashy task of leading the front lines or the ever-so-important role of protecting the base. Thankfully, I was observing the center units very keenly. Sergeants Acosta and Ulloa had arguably their best performance in a conflict to-date with Acosta leading his first ever surgical strike into the heart of the enemy's base and Ulloa commanding the forces and repelling any attempted forays into the defensive half of the Hoops' troops. Sergeant Victor also had a chance to match Acosta's strike only to be denied by Dykstra, but the two seemed to be in sync, knowing when to attack and defend. The two young sergeants continue to rise up the ranks and impress on a weekly basis. Salute to our sergeants!

The Maestro dominated the battle in the most important moments. Our very own Peeta Mellark, you never know which version of Mauro Diaz you will get on a given night in the rebellion. Thankfully, against the Capitol, our Maestro shined brightly making every opponent he faced look inferior en route to pulling all the right strings and putting his teammates in the best positions to succeed in their thrusts into enemy territory. Without our Maestro, the Mockingjay is not as motivated and effective as can be. He should have been an all-star if we are being honest, over the two Englishmen, and he fought like one on Saturday. We can only hope that he continues to maintain this level of dominance as the calendar year moves forward. Salute to our Maestro!

The Sickening

Friendly fire is never a pleasant sight as it could have been avoided. Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt in our friendly fire incident by the Captain, Matt Hedges. It is a shame because the district had gone a long time without a friendly fire incident before Hedges accidentally sent the bullet into his own base. Nevertheless, the defensive unit had a very solid outing and played an integral role in the victory to send the Capitol home disappointed. It is just nauseating that the streak ended in the manner that it did.

Thank you for putting up with my awful comparisons to the awesome Hunger Games series. If you have not watched any of the movies, I recommend watching them so you can fully grasp the corniness of this segment and the fun I had writing it.