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Big D Daily: News for Monday, July 20, 2015

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FC Dallas continues their winning ways as they are back in a first place tie.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Mondays are a little better each time out when they come after a nice win over the weekend.

// FC Dallas //

Homegrown success continues for FCD |

Seeing that the average age of the midfield trio of Kellyn Acosta, Victor Ulloa and Mauro Diaz is 22-years old continues to blow my mind. Acosta with his first MLS goal over the weekend too was very special to see.

FCD celebrate magic night with win over DCU |

Diaz was again the magician in the midfield in this game.

// MLS //

Week 20 thoughts from around the league |

Matt Doyle's weekend piece talks a lot about NY, LA and a few other things but he does save the best for last with his thoughts on Diaz and FCD.

Portland's pursuit of Melano | Stumptown Footy

This one is a bit long but it is worth the read as it provides some night insight into some of Portland's thinking behind their most recent signing. Oh and FCD hosts Portland this weekend so there is that too.

Comparing MLS team spending in 2015 | The Goat Parade

For those that missed it, player salaries were revealed on Friday in MLS. Here is a look at what FCD is spending and some news on a signing that will soon be announced.

Potential list of MLS free agents | Sounder at Heart

With some of the new rules coming out, we now know who could potentially become a free agent after this season. Of course this means that the players listed here don't have years left on their current deals. We may go into the FCD side of this down the road.

Best and worst contracts in MLS | 91st minute

As you'd expect, Fabian Castillo is deemed the best value for FCD while David Texeira is the worst. No real argument there, though I would throw in that the club is over paying for guys like Rolando Escobar.

Drew Moor tears up after ASG announcement | Dirty Tackle

Some may not have liked Drew Moor ASG earning a roster spot on the ASG team but when you see things like this you won't feel that way. At least I didn't.

Pirlo signing a shrewd deal for NYCFC | ASN

Andrea Pirlo's salary isn't going to be the highest in MLS. So he is a bargain?