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View from the East Stand: At the edge of our seats

Not sure that I've been to an FC Dallas game quite as dramatic as the one on Saturday night.

It was a hot evening in Frisco Texas, with a slight breeze blowing but with little mercy on those of us in the stands. It was seriously hot. In the upper levels however there was better exposure to the cooling breeze. This game was surprisingly well attended compared to matches earlier in the season. Even with D.C. United not being the biggest name in MLS, the crowd showed up ready to support their team.

Very Nice Crowd

We showed up in nice passionate numbers. The numbers may not be where we want them to be, but I left the game satisfied with the energy the crowd seemed to give to FC Dallas during the match. There were no DC United fans to speak of at the match that I saw. Conor Doyle saw some heckling from the east stand during the first half as he was out as the left winger in the first half and therefore on the east side of the pitch. Miguel Aguilar also received a little bit of heckling in the 2nd half, but not as much as Doyle did.

Edge of our Seats!

So many missed chances. The whole night it honestly seemed like the ball did not want to go into the net. Anywhere but into the net. I wasn't at a good angle on the Atiba Harris goal. A friend on the other side of the stadium said it crossed the line, but I've seen some replays in hindsight that point to the ball not being 100% across the line.

The whole game was chance after chance. Even DC United had two shots roll just wide of the posts that had my hands on my head in relief. It felt like it was heading to a draw, especially when DCU equalized right after our own goal. The crowd went ballistic though, as Victor Ulloa hit a weak shot at goal that caught a lucky deflection off a defender straight to our hero of the night: Fabian Castillo. Once again the hero.

Here it is, your fan quote of the night: "DOYLE RULES!" -Yelled at Doyle during the match. Very nice reference.

How relieving was it to see Fabian score that last minute goal? Was this the most dramatic FC Dallas game you've been to? Have another one in mind that was a little more dramatic? Let me know in the comments below!