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FC Dallas at the midway point compared to last year

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How's FCD doing compared to last year?

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I can't believe it's already the halfway mark for the 2015 campaign. In many ways, it feels like the season just started and that there's still plenty of soccer to go. But alas, here we are. 17 matches in, and 17 matches to go. Funny enough, 2015 has mirrored 2014 (and even 2013) in many ways, fast start to begin the campaign, immediate drop off with a long winless streak, red cards, moments of brilliance from the DPs. It's almost as if the narrative of this team never changes regardless of who's in control or who's out there on the field.

I did take a few moments to dig up some stats for us to take a look at how this year's team has fared compared to last year's team, starting first with the obvious, the record.


FC Dallas is in better shape than they were last season. The problem was that in 2014, we were able to point to an injured Mauro Diaz to the team's troubles. This year? Not sure if there's an easy reason to point out.


Dallas has picked up more points through 17 matches in 2015 (26 vs 22), but there's been a bit of a drop off in terms of the offense (23 goals scored vs 28 in 2014).

The first place I looked was Blas Perez and there hasn't been much of a change from Super Raton between the two years.

blas perez

The big jump was coming from Fabian Castillo who's actually having an incredible year thus far.

Fabian Castillo

So if Blas is still Blas and Fabi is doing Fabi things, then what gives? If your first thought is "set pieces", then give yourself a gold star because that's absolutely right.

Set Pieces

Four set piece goals in 2015 compared to 11 from 2014 (17 matches in). I should also note that Dallas only scored 5 more set piece goals in 2014 in the next 17 matches, so that well started drying up already and seemingly carried over in 2015.

And now you're probably thinking, why the drastic drop in goals from set pieces? How did a team that was so good at them, suddenly lose the ability to score from these situations? If you've been watching the games this season, then you'll know exactly why. The delivery has been sub par (and that's putting it kindly). Here's a look at our alleged set piece specialist:


There is a drastic drop off in offensive output from Michel this year. The goals scored is the most noticeable difference between the two years but most concerning has been the usage of his passes and how few of them have led to goal scoring opportunities. There was a three game stretch in 2014 that Michel put in 10 key passes, basically he was the chance creator for this team with that wicked left foot of his.

Michel's been written off as a player that's been unable to deliver anything from the run of play but was acceptable on this team because he was a specialist and one of the best of the trade. Here's to hoping Michel recovers and regains that 2014 form because this team could use that left foot badly.

So what do you guys think? Is 2015 better than 2014? The stats are just stats and certainly don't paint the full picture of what's happening with this team. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.