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Midwestia Championship is solid idea with a weird name

While the name is odd, the intentions are great.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Some folks around MLS will agree that the best rivalries are born out of the supporters and tailgates. Sure, geography and some wild hatred that spills over on the field doesn't hurt in brewing a rivalry. But most of the league's best rivalries are from the fans that fuel it.

It was recently announced that the supporters of FC Dallas, Sporting Kansas City and the Colorado Rapids have all come together to form a new rivalry cup, similar to the Casciada Cup in the Pacific Northwest, called the Midwestia Championship.

Yes, that is the name they are going with. Part of it is a joke on the Cascadia Cup but for the most part it all centers around three supporters groups that want a little more to play for going forward against one another. According to Dan Cooke, the idea of a rivalry competition was tossed around between the Dallas Beer Guardians, South Stand SC (Sporting KC) and Centennial 38 (Colorado Rapids).

Houston was asked to join but their supporters declined join in on the fun. That is all probably for the best if we're being honest.

Already there has been a lot of conversation on the subject across the internet and Twitter. There are a good chunk of people that love the idea. Others however seem to hate it down to its very core.

Personally, I think the idea is pretty solid other than the name itself but at the end of the day I can live with it. I have always viewed SKC and Colorado as secondary rivalries for FC Dallas, especially more so since the Brimstone Cup rivalry with Chicago has died down more over the last couple years. I know some folks will argue that it is worthless to play for yet another meaningless trophy, and while I get that, I don't see any harm in having the fans run this one. Now if the clubs got involved it would be a different story.

Currently SKC leads the standings in this year's first run at it. The format follows that of the Cascadia Cup too.

What do you make of this new competition among the supporters groups? Are you excited at the thought of Tex Hooper running out on the field wearing a championship belt?