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FC Dallas player salaries reveal Ezequiel Cirigliano

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Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The joys of player salary release day always uncover some fun gems between how much a player is making or that a new player has been signed. The latter of the two applies to FC Dallas today as the salaries list revealed that FC Dallas is close to signing Ezequiel Cirigliano.

We first discussed this rumor a couple weeks ago as it looked that the club was looking to sign the River Plate midfielder.

The 23-year old Cirigliano looks like he will be a good fit into the Dallas midfield now that Kyle Bekker has been shipped out to Montreal. Cirigliano has played around 900 minutes or so in the last two years between River Plate and Hellas Verona of Serie A in Italy.

Cirigliano is slated to earn around $167k in total compensation, which makes me wonder if he will be coming in as a Young Designated Player or not. Time will certainly tell as the club looks to make the signing official.