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FC Dallas player salaries revealed

Plenty of fun discussion points with this year's salaries.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We've been wondering for months now what the new players salaries would look like for FC Dallas and today we can finally answer those questions as the MLS Player's Union have revealed this year's salaries.

One big thing we'll see are the raises that were discussed about in the new CBA across the board.

Name Base Salary Total Compensation
Kellyn Acosta $60.000.00 $84,000.00
Tesho Akindele $70.000.00 $87,500.00
Michael Barrios $60.000.00 $60.000.00
Fabian Castillo $145,000.00 $160,000.00
Ezequiel Cirigliano $124,999.92 $167,999.92
Coy Craft $60.000.00 $77,083.33
Mauro Diaz $364,000.00 $442,400.00
Otis Earle $60.000.00 $77,125.00
Rolando Escobar $180,000.00 $185,000.00
Danny Garcia $70.000.00 $86,000.00
Jesse Gonzalez $60.000.00 $69,375.00
Atiba Harris $130,000.00 $130,000.00
Matt Hedges $135,000.00 $135,000.00
Moises Hernandez $60.000.00 $61,625.00
Ryan Hollingshead $60.000.00 $60.000.00
Stephen Keel $60.000.00 $60.000.00
Dan Kennedy $233,000.00 $233,000.00
Zach Loyd $175,000.00 $196,666.67
Michel $140,000.00 $161,500.00
Blas Perez $350,000.00 $374,250.00
Chris Seitz $130,000.00 $130,000.00
Bakary Soumare $225,000.00 $225,000.00
David Texeira $338,000.00 $338,000.00
Victor Ulloa $60.000.00 $60.000.00
Je-Vaughn Watson $160,000.00 $160,000.00
Alejandro Zendejas $60.000.00 $76,666.67
Walker Zimmerman $100,000.00 $180,100.00

As you see the salaries went up across the board for the Homegrowns and other players.

Some of the big notes you see here off the bat:

Castillo - This isn't nearly as big of a cap hit as I thought it would be.

Cirigliano - We now wait to see when this becomes official.

Soumare - Not as big of a hit as we might have expected as he made $330k last year.

Texeira - The club must be paying down his salary with allocation. Either way, that is a massive hit to the cap.

Escobar - Another player that I'm not sure I'm excited by with that cap hit.