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Big D Daily: News for Friday, July 17, 2015

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FCD looks to get ready for a match against DCU tomorrow.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Just like last week, this week seemed to fly by for me here. Now we're a day away from another FCD game.

// FC Dallas //

Clavijo talks about the trade of Bekker for Soumare | Dallas Morning News

The trade itself wasn't too shocking when you consider how little Kyle Bekker was used here so far this season. The comments from Clavijo are interesting as he says what we all figured all along, he wasn't a good fit. But it also sound like another player will be announced either today or early next week.

Backline depth added |

One of the areas that the club wanted to improve was their backline depth and with the trade of Bakary Soumare, they did just that.

FCD U-16s advance to national title game |

One more game for the FCD U-16 side, one that I keep saying is definitely full of Homegrown players and hopefully FCD USL players.

Diaz and Castillo continue to thrive as difference makers |

We've been saying all along, as long as Mauro Diaz and Fabian Castillo continue to roll, so will this club.

// MLS //

United trade for Saborio | Black and Red United

We shouldn't have to worry too much about this deal tomorrow but this is a quite the big get for DCU as they had been looking for a striker. Seeing RSL dump their all-time scoring leader isn't that big of a shock to me as I think Jeff Cassar is looking to get rid of some players to put his own touch on that team.

Galaxy placing high expectations on dos Santos |

I can't say I blame them for expecting a lot of out Giovani dos Santos here. Off the field he will help bring in the Mexican crowd that they have been trying to get for years. I've been told that dos Santos is one of those few Mexican stars that the Liga MX fans don't have a real feeling one way or the other about, so he will be a draw for them no matter what.

MLS clears Cubo Torres after investigation | Dynamo Theoryt seems like it has been a long road for the Dynamo to finally get Erick Torres in house but yesterday he arrived in Houston with smiles on his face as the league ended their investigation into his assault charges.

Rooney would consider a MLS move |

Do it Wayne, do it. While I think he would be good in this league right now, I have a feeling he will wait until it is a little too late for him to make any sort of impact here.