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MLS Players ratifies new CBA

The latest CBA is now official.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Major League Soccer Players Union announced today that the agreement between the Union and Major League Soccer, which was announced days before the opening of the 2015 season, has been ratified.

The Union voted 91% in favor of the new agreement with the league according to a press release issued by the Union.

The new agreement will run through the 2019 season and will introduce free agency as well as increased salaries.

Here are the details on some of the new items and updates that were sticking points during the talks:

FREE AGENCY: For the first time in MLS history, out of contract players and players whose options are declined can choose where to play within MLS. Players who are 28 years old with at least 8 years of MLS service and are below the max salary will be able to freely choose their team within the following salary limits:

• Players earning less than $100,000 can negotiate a raise of up to 25%

• Players earning between $100,000 and $200,000 can negotiate a raise of up to 20%; and

• Players earning $200,000 and above can negotiate a raise of up to 15%.

• The above percentage increases may be raised for players who significantly outperform their contracts.

If you are curious about this from a FC Dallas standpoint, the only ones that would even fit this criteria are Atiba Harris, Dan Kennedy, Stephen Keel, Chris Seitz, and newcomer Bakery Soumare.

SALARY BUDGET: The salary budget will increase from $3.1 million per club in 2014 to $3.49 million in 2015 (12.5%) and will increase by roughly 5% per year thereafter, as follows: 2016 - $3.66 million; 2017 - $3.845 million; 2018 - $4.035 million; 2019 - $4.24 million. In addition, new allocation money, including the amounts announced by the league last week, will be issued each year of the agreement to each MLS team in the following amounts: 2015: $250,000; 2016: $250,000; 2017: $300,000; 2018: $300,000; 2019: $350,000. As a result, the average salary of senior roster players who are not Designated Players will increase by roughly $60,000 over the course of the agreement, and should be approaching $200,000 by 2019.

No $5 million budgets just yet sadly. But I would imagine there will be new rules along the way that help open up even more budget than before.

SENIOR MINIMUM SALARY: The minimum salary for senior roster players will increase from $48,500 in 2014 to $60,000 in 2015, $62,500 in 2016, $65,000 in 2017, $67,500 in 2018 and $70,250 in 2019.

This is good to see. More players earning better money, still not nearly what it could be but they're getting there.

RESERVE MINIMUM SALARY: The minimum salary for additional players beyond the first 24 roster slots per club will increase from $36,500 in 2014 to the following: 2015 - $50,000; 2016 - $51,500; 2017 - $53,000; 2018 - $54,500; 2019 - $56,250. In addition, such players, who must be 24 years old or younger, will receive an additional bonus of $500 for each MLS game in which they appear, and another $750 for each MLS game that they start.

Same with the senior minimum, it is probably even more important to see the younger players earn better pay as well. So glad we are a far cry from the days of the $12k minimum salary. Really like the bonuses for starts and appearances as well in this too.

Other items updated include parts of the Re-Entry Draft, options on contracts, guaranteed contracts (interesting note here is that 81% of the players have guaranteed deals right now), bonuses and other player benefits.