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The Hat Trick, Week 20: FC Dallas looks to make it four straight

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas seems to have righted the ship before a true summer slump began, having now won three in a row, all while putting together a three-game shutout streak. However, FC Dallas faces its toughest competition since its winning streak started in DC United. Here are my three thoughts:

I Like Sweets

Earlier today, FC Dallas traded away midfielder Kyle Bekker to Montreal for Bakary Soumare, a veteran central defender. Soumare has not played much as usual this year, only tallying 9 starts in 16 games, about 20% less starting time than last year in Chicago. While there's no way to tell on the first day how well this trade will work out, as of now, I'm a fan.

Becker only played in eight games, starting two, and hardly left any reminders aside from an assist during the team's June 19th 1-1 draw against Colorado Rapids. Soumare brings plenty of MLS defending experience as the playoff run heats up, while possibly slotting in for Walker Zimmerman as the top reserve defender. Soumare is strong, agile and quick, all while being disciplined, only averaging a red card every 28.7 games. It's early, but I certainly don't think this deal makes the team any worse.

New Clutch City

Houston is regarded as "Clutch City" because of their Rockets' two comebacks to win their two NBA championships. But, one, Houston doesn't matter and two, FC Dallas does, I submit that Frisco take over the nickname.

This season, FC Dallas leads the MLS with it's 3-1 record in one-goal games. Last season, while leading the league in most one-goal games played with 19, the team went just 10-9 in those games. The mark of a winning team is often its ability to win games when they either might not be at their best, or when the other team is throwing all they have at them. As long as FC Dallas can continue to grind out victories, at the end of it all, they count points before they count goal difference.

The Cure-All

It's funny how much things can change in two weeks. FCD beat Houston, but then are destroyed by Sporting KC during Open cup play. Fans take it all out on Dan Hunt in his Facebook chat, rightfully so. Then, two more shutouts, including a road win, by a combined 5-0 score, and suddenly, all is quite on the western front. Winning certainly does fix most things, or at least acts as a bandaid. Right now, the team is in a good spot. The roster is healthy, a big name team is coming to town, and most importantly, no one is giving up six goals.

If this team can continue its push and challenge for a top-two finish, it's possible that we'll head into the offseason much more understanding of our front office.

That's all I've got this week, I hope you enjoy Saturday's game, make it out to Frisco, won't ya?