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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, July 16, 2015

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The Gold Cup knockout round is all set.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We inch closer towards the weekend and for those coming to the stadium this weekend a bobblehead doll of Oscar Pareja - yeah I'm pumped to get one of those.

// FC Dallas //

Pareja on the ASG, injuries and more | Dallas Morning News

While Pareja says he is surprised that no FCD player was named to the All-Star Game through the fan vote, I'm sure deep down its more of a relief.

Rain hasn't been a problem for the Toyota Stadium field |

FCD removed the old turf shortly around the time that the Dallas area got one of the bigger rain storms earlier this spring, but it hasn't stopped the grounds crew from making sure the field is still one of the best in the league.

Shutout streak shows new side of FCD |

I really don't think people around the league are talking about the FCD defense enough right now.

// MLS //

Gio dos Santos signing official in LA |

We knew it was coming from a mile away but now LA has yet another big star added to their roster. I can't stress how big this signing is for them and the league. I just wish FCD would be able to get a Mexican player in their prime like him. It would do wonders to the attendance as we all know.

NYC fans facing sanctions from MLS | Hudson River Blue

Oh boy.

Dempsey's youth club joins compensation fight with USSF |

I have a feeling more clubs are going to start coming out of the woods here on this matter. Time for the USSF to step up and settle everything before it all gets real ugly.

MLS players react to 'Commissioner picks' for the ASG |

Some of these responses from players crack me up.

Chicharito unlikely to join MLS |

Bummer. But I honestly had lower expectations for him to come to MLS than dos Santos.

// Gold Cup //

T&T and Mexico play to wild draw, putting Mexico second in group |

Man that game was insane, 4-4 draw with lots of late drama. Now the Mexicans have to battle Costa Rica in the quarter finals. That won't be an easy out for them.

US team to face Cuba in quarters |

While a lot of the Cuban players will likely defect to the US after the game, at least they're moving on to the next round.