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FC Dallas vs DC United: Squad Selection

Time to keep the good times rollin'.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

It's pretty amazing how a few wins in a row can put behind that dreadful five game road trip. It's also pretty depressing when you look at the standings and think, "Man, what if Dallas could've just taken one of those games?" Instead of a three way tie for first place in the West, Dallas would be sitting at least level with DC United or possibly even first in the Supporter's Shield Race.

Speaking of the Shield, the visiting DC club is first in the league with 35 points. Dallas can not only make up ground but also hold United to 35 points if the Hoops can take all three. Not to mention that Dallas can close the gap between then and Sporting Kansas City, who have 30 points but only have played 17 (compared to 19 for Dallas).

After the group play of the Gold Cup, Dallas will welcome back Tesho Akindele and Kyle Bekker.

So who will you start this weekend? Do you keep with what's been working with makeshift left and right backs? Do you insert Tesho or do you reward David Texeira with another start because of his performance against Orlando? Is it time to give Ulloa a rest and put in Bekker? What will you do?

You can see the results here.