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Finding a home for a future FC Dallas USL team

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We know it isn't a matter of if FC Dallas will have a USL team but more so when and where.

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I've thought long and hard recently about talking about the FC Dallas USL situation. Then out of the blue I saw this post over at about how there are still questions in the air about whether or not the team will begin a new USL team next year like so many others in MLS have already done and are going to do.

But instead of diving into the what seems like a never ending thought of when will they or whether or not the Hunts decide to do a USL team next year, I thought it would be worth surveying you all to see where you would like to see a future team play when the day comes that the Hunts do the wise thing and begin a team.

Naturally there are plenty of options that the Hunts can dive into here. I'll give you my suggestions but feel free to leave your thoughts below. Almost all of the options I have below will require some needed work on the field, stands and other parts of the stadium to make it work for the USL given their new stadium plans.

Toyota Stadium - This one seems like a natural fit given the fact that the Hunts control every thing about this stadium. The tricky part about playing games there is how you factor in when the teams will play along side the bigger money makers (concerts). Two teams, plus high school games in the fall and random concerts will mean a packed schedule for the stadium. In a small way, I don't see a USL team playing many games at the main stadium unless the team can find crafty ways to market doubleheaders with the MLS side.

Camry Field at Toyota Soccer Center - I pick the FCD practice field out for a reason but this could be applied to nearly any field at the Soccer Center. FCD could invest some money into one of the fields to help renovate it for a USL side. Add in the necessary bleachers and amenities that would be needed for a USL team to thrive. Again, this one comes with a ton of challenges as it would probably take the longest to accomplish before 2016.

MoneyGram Park - Another option that would require some additional work. FCD owns and operates the 19-field facility in West Dallas. This would help get a team back in the Dallas area as well. A pure stadium field would still need to be configured to make this option work but I do like the idea of getting some sort of team involved in the Dallas area.

Westcott Field (SMU) - Selfishly I would love to see this one happen given how I work right across the road from it. The SMU field would need some work done on it as well but given its fairly central location, the team could begin to draw in a college crowd for each game.

Fort Worth - We saw a good turnout for the US Open Cup game in Fort Worth at the home of TCU. I always saw that game as a way for FCD to test the waters out west to see what kind of draw they could get from that community. Again, some work would be required for the stadium there to work but if FCD was smart to work with TCU on that venture it could pay off well in the long run on many fronts.

Denton - Another college location that makes some sense in my head is at UNT. Just like with the others listed above, there would be some work that has to be done to make it feel right.