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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, July 15, 2015

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The middle of July is already here, where is the time going?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We seem to be on a collision course with this weekend as we're already moving over the hump in the week.

// FC Dallas //

FCD Pre-Academy U-15s win national title |

I had every intention of going into this on my own yesterday but time got away from me. Still, excellent news to see the U-15s win the national title. Even more interesting enough, they were lead by former FCD captain David Ferreira's son Jesus. One for the future indeed.

FCD Fantasy Camp |

So the club is doing a fantasy camp for fans here soon. You get to stay at the stadium, meet some players, do some cool stuff.

FCD working to make set pieces matter again |

I'm honestly not as worried about the set piece scoring as others are here. I'm definitely more concerned about the set piece defending. Seven goals (too many) scored against off set pieces this year.

// MLS //

Lampard and Gerrard ASG nods highlight class issue | Black and Red United

For two guys to earn the ASG nomination despite not playing a single game in the league is pretty crazy. I wonder if there were weird clauses in their contracts that stated they get these nods whenever they aren't voted in by the fans or something wild like that.

Union plan to start their own USL team next year |

Just seeing someone else say that the USL team is the 'missing link' makes me more upset that FCD hasn't seen realized that yet. And maybe they have realized that but they just haven't announced plans yet.

Gio dos Santos signed by LA | LA Times

While it isn't official, it sounds like it will be very, very soon.

NYCFC isn't a puppet state | Hudson River Blue

They don't want to be a farm team or Chivas 2.0. But for whatever reason, the puppet term kind of fits in my mind.

Orlando City trades for Corey Ashe from Houston | The Mane Land

On the surface I like this deal for Orlando as they get a serviceable player that isn't banged up at the moment. For Houston, I will just point and laugh at them for making this move.

How to disrupt the rhythm of a MLS team |

The schedule in the summer is certainly an easy way to kill any mojo of a team.

// Gold Cup //

Klinsmann makes three roster changes for the Gold Cup knockout round | Stars and Stripes FC

Some interesting moves made for the knockout round as Jozy Altidore is deemed unfit to continue and Alan Gordon is brought in. Personally, I don't mind the Gordon selection, seeing how he is a bruiser for late game spots. That is perfect for CONCACAF.

Akindele and Larin disappointed as Canada crashes out of the Gold Cup |

Tesho Akindele and Clye Larin looked the part for Canada at times in this tournament but the Maple Leafs just couldn't cut it in their group.