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View from the East: Magic in Orlando

Incredibly awesome game to watch on TXA 21 with our favorite commentators.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It was an insanely hot weekend, one where the preferred way to pass the Saturday is to grab a cold one, turn on the tube and lay back and watch our boys in red travel to the purple newcomers to the league Orlando City. Mark Followill and Kevin Hartman were on the call, easily two of the best commentators in MLS. Just don't like Taylor Twellman that much as a commentator, he's knowledgeable but...that voice...

3 at the back...worked?

When I saw the line up I couldn't believe the 3 at the back. Not just a 3 at the back, but a 3 at the back with Atiba Harris starting as a CB?! Remember that time Harris started for us as a striker? Thought Oscar Pareja was out of his mind, but never doubt Papi. Harris played well throughout the game and made me think of how Pareja used Watson last year as a full back and emergency CB in the same way. It was a solid performance that should give Pareja some confidence in trying to be flexible in formations again rather than do the 4-2-3-1 every single game.

Shaky first half, Solid second

The first half was mostly frustrating with tiny bits of nervousness sprinkled in there. Then when the penalty was called after Fabian Castillo finally made a solid run into the box I leapt up with arms in the air. Winning the penalty then slipping in Ulloa, just absolutely brilliant from our star.

This road win surprised me, and was very satisfying to watch. Never thought that with Kaka out Orlando would play so poorly in their own home. Not only poorly, but dirty. A UFC style take down of Alejandro Zendejas landed Orlando a deserved red card, then at the end of the game the sore loser Orlando player decided to push down Mauro Diaz. Frustrating to see things like that, but it's not like Dallas hasn't acted emotionally before either...

Three points on the road, can't argue with that. Castillo, my most exciting player to watch of the game, made it possible with a couple of brilliant plays. It's hard to even imagine where this team would be without him. Not sure we'd be coming home with a win, that's for sure.

Where did y'all enjoy the game? At home, or at the pub with the FC Dallas guys? Anyone else find it weird that Atiba Harris actually performed well as a CB? Where would we realistically be without Fabian Castillo? Let me know in the comments below!