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Big D Daily: News for Monday, July 13, 2015

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Three wins in a row for FCD look mighty nice.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Mondays aren't nearly that bad when you consider FC Dallas has three straight shutout wins in league play under their belts.

// FC Dallas //

Hollingshead is everywhere for FCD | Dallas Morning News

This one was posted before Saturday's game but it is still worth a gander. We touched yesterday in the Chalkboard piece at how Ryan Hollingshead at full back just seems to work out in good ways for the club here.

Castillo and Diaz help break road jinx |

A lot of things fell into place for FCD on the night but sometimes you just need that bit of luck to pick up points. FCD played well and having guys like Fabian Castillo and Mauro Diaz play as well as they are right now is a big reason the team has been gobbling up points again.

// MLS //

Lots of notes from Toronto, SKC and NY during week 19 |

Matt Doyle's usual weekend recap is here and he doesn't touch much on FCD's win but he does go into great detail on some play up in KC. Also that Toronto-NYCFC game was absolutely insane to watch.

Gerrard makes his debut against Club America |

So Steven Gerrard is finally in a MLS as he played his fist minutes with the Galaxy in a friendly over the weekend.

Galaxy academy to launch a high school | LA Times

This news doesn't shock me one bit as the Galaxy continue to look to be one of the best academies in MLS and the US. I think FCD needs to do this sort of thing more so than their little agreement with Frisco ISD.

MLS ASG jersey leaked | Footy Headlines

Okay then...a little red, white and blue with a sash. Yeah. I'm still not the biggest fan of these games.

Women's parade was great but MLS shouldn't have been featured | Howler

MLS wanted to ride the popularity of the women's team as much as they could. While I don't really care about the parade and who was in it, I do think MLS needs to stop discussing women's soccer when it is convenient for them.

// USMNT //

US vs Panama preview |

Big game ahead for the US as they look to close out their group stage with a strong performance against Blas Perez and Panama.