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Big D Daily: News for Friday, July 10, 2015

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FC Dallas is in Disney World!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is finally upon us as FC Dallas is in Florida today, getting set to take on Orlando City tomorrow night.

// FC Dallas //

Ten key stats to get ready for tomorrow's game |

Orlando leads the league in penalty kicks earned. Ew, that is a scary stat to see.

// MLS //

Donovan to coach Homegrown team at the ASG |

I still really like the idea of this Homegrown game, I just hope soon enough we can do a West vs East edition of it instead of the league finding a team for it to play.

NYCFC to feature a float in women's parade | Hudson River Blue

I'm not sure I get why, but okay.

RBNY will feature youth women's soccer in parade | Once a Metro

Again, I don't quite get it but okay.

MLS will ride the USWNT wave during parade | Deadspin

I don't think it is nearly as embarrassing as this article claims this to be but I do find it a little odd that MLS wants to make a big deal about it. If I were them I would be finding ways to help promote the NWSL instead during this parade.

MLS players won't be in the floats | Fusion

Okay good, but seriously I've linked to four articles on this damn parade? There better be lots of candy thrown out to the youngsters in the audience.

St. Paul mayor invites MLS to tour area | CBS Minnesota

I wonder how quickly MLS will settle with St. Paul or if they will continue to push for a downtown stadium in Minneapolis.

Lampard set for MLS debut this weekend | BeIn Sports

Hey, after four months or so of waiting, we finally get to see Frank Lampard in MLS this weekend. Good news for NYCFC fans, Andrea Pirlo won't keep them waiting as he will come to the club later this month.

Gerrard downplays Beckham comparisons |

Yes, he is no GoldenBoots but Stevie G will certainly be a quality guy to have on the field in LA.