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Rumor: Abou Diaby mulling over move to FC Dallas

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Oh silly season, you never disappoint.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The fun thing about the silly season (or transfer season if you want to be technical) is how crazy it can get. Agents speak to reporters all the time about where they would think their players could end up but most of the time it is a way to drum up interest in their player more so than anything else.

So with the MLS transfer window set to open back up next week, the silly rumors only continue to spill out online. Today, reports in France indicate that former Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby is set to leave London for MLS, with the most likely destination being FC Dallas.

The 29-year old midfielder is said to be familiar with Dallas as he has rehabbed previous injuries in the area. He spent a lot of the 2014 and 2015 seasons dealing with hamstring injuries. Arsenal opted not to re-sign him following the season (which means he will come in as a free transfer if he were to sign).

There is question as to whether or not he'd be a Designated Player if he were to sign as well. That seems very doubtful in my mind for someone who has been injured as much as he has over the years.

Would Diaby fit well in the midfield for FC Dallas? We know that the team wants to fill the central midfield spot up this summer with a signing and Diaby could be that player. The club needs that midfield destroyer that can either be what Hendry Thomas was to the team before his injury or be the guy that comes in off the bench late to help close out games. The injury history of this guy worries the heck out of me though.