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The "Beckham Rule" 2.0

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More changes coming for the league when it comes to costly players. What it means and how it affects FCD (if any).

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We covered this briefly back in May about another potential DP slot opening up for MLS teams this summer and the internets has been flowing with rumors and speculation about what's going to happen. While we don't know much of anything yet, from the outside looking in, it does have a particular "Beckham Rule" feel where the league just made up a rule along the way in order to secure Beckham back in 2007. We will break it down for everyone here and we'll write more once we know exactly what we're dealing with.

What We Know

1. There's going to be a change in the roster rule, probably called the "core player" rule.

2. Matt Pentz tweeted this yesterday:

So we should know something by this afternoon about how this whole thing works.

3. This will most likely benefit the NYCFC  first as it appears that they're about to unveil Andrea Pirlo as their fourth DP. NYCFC already have David Villa, Mix Diskerud and Frank Lampard (in theory) as signed DPs. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Apparently I read a source that was outdated regarding Mix's DP status. My bad.

4. But the team that it will help out the most will be the LA Galaxy as they've been linked with Giovani dos Santos and LA thrives when they max out on their DPs.

5. US transfer window opens July 7, so this rule will be into effect basically immediately.

What We Don't Know

1. Is this just another DP spot or is it some kind of financial mechanism (i.e. additional funds or Monopoly allocation money).

2. Who will pay for these players? Will it be the league like Clint Dempsey or will LA have to pay dos Santos' transfer fee themselves?

How Does This Impact FCD?

Right now, not much. Dallas still only has two DPs on their roster so the additional option of adding another isn't immediately going to do much. There is of course, the hope that Dallas has two players lined up and have been waiting for this ruling to drop before making their move.

Immediately though, it just means that Dallas is going to lag behind in terms of big signings and the splashing of the cash compared to some of the richer clubs, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing. *ducks* We've seen how some signings can really propel a team to the top (see: Galaxy) while others (see: Toronto) haven't the slightest clue to what they are doing with their bags of cash and big name signings. All we can do right now as fans it wait until they announce this new rule and watch the internets carefully on July 7th.