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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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Hello July.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

It was a lot of fun last night watching the US women knock off Germany to reach another World Cup final.

// FC Dallas //

FCD geared up for USOC match | Dallas Morning News

Big clash tonight for FCD against a very good SKC team. Lots of questions in this one for me, which we will dive into later on today.

Hoopervision at Cocktails and Cleats |

If you missed the big party last week, FCD has you covered with a look at what it was like through the eyes of our favorite mascot.

// MLS //

The Midwestia Championship has been born | The Blue Testament

Some folks love the idea, others hate it. I think our staff is a little divided on the subject but we'll get into it today as well. One thing to remember is that not all the supporters groups of the various teams are involved in this little thing.

Union in 'dire financial situation' true? | The Brotherly Game

It really should be no secret that things with the Union aren't as rosy as they should be. Their owner barely makes an attempt to pour money into the team.

Should Mastroeni be fired? | The Burgundy Wave

Another club in a weird spot is the Rapids, who continue to ask if Pablostache (RIP) should be in charge. Honestly, I don't think he is the full reason for their failures as of late. I'd put a lot of blame on the front office for signing junk.

Galaxy working on getting dos Santos |

Because of course the Galaxy are able to add another DP.

Rivalry week a success for MLS | ESPNFC

Yes, on the surface it was good but I would still argue that the league has to get more creative to get a full blown weekend where nearly every game is a rivalry game. Why Toronto-Montreal was on the midweek was weird. No RSL-Colorado was strange as well.

// Women's World Cup //

Togetherness leads the US to a win |

You saw a lot of good moments out there last night with this team as they actually played like a complete group.

US Women peaking at the right time |

It has been a slow build up to this point for the US women but between the Germany game and the China game, we're really starting to see the team we expected to in this tournament.

Ellis' master plan showing through | ESPNFC

People continued to doubt Jill Ellis for good reasons but right now the woman needs a lot of praise thrown her way.