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Workhorse of the Week vs. San Jose Earthquakes

This thread is for two things - celebrating a huge (if weird) point away and voting for your Workhorse of the Week. Come inside and join the party.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Je-Vaughn Watson, our Workhorse of the Week winner in that dreadful game against Sporting Kansas City. Let's just not say any more about it. And thanks to those who voted for No One (who may get votes this week.)

On to San Jose, FCD came into this game pretty desperate for anything. And they got something - a point away. Should there have been potentially 3 points? Yes. Should this team have been sharper and better? Yes. When will David Texeira show up? Soon, I hope. But is a point away a good thing in this long, torturous season? Heck, yeah.

For the moment, FCD has dampened its free fall and can look to build on an adequate defensive effort in the weeks to come.

Seeing Red

Any game featuring 3 red cards is going to be difficult to place statistically. It's hard to judge players in this setting. One red card can swing things pretty wildly, but three is just "bedlam" type behavior. When a player is sent off, it typically forces one team to bunker and look for the counter, which can work. The other team finds extra space, which can be deadly as FCD has experienced in recent weeks. In this instance, both teams had chances, but neither was able to put one in the back of the net.

FCD's defensive effort was better in this one but still very uneven.

The offensive effort remained uneven as well.

Obviously, I'm trying to find words to describe an ugly, physical 0-0 draw and failing. Other than, congratulations, I guess.

So, go ahead and cast your vote for your Workhorse of the Week, the player who most exemplified FCD's tough, workman-like spirit to grab that crucial point away from home. Just do it.

This Week's Strong Recommendations

Dan Kennedy

For taking a boot to the head, even if it wasn't that bad.

Victor Ulloa

For a killer second half as pointed out by Jason Poon.