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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: By The Numbers

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

2 - Second consecutive game Dallas has failed to score. Last time Dallas went back to back without scoring was in 2013, when they went five games from July 4th to August 11 without finding the back of the net.

2 - Second clean sheet for Dan Kennedy.

3 - FC Dallas and SJ have combined for two of the last three MLS games in which three red cards were issued (August 2013 and Sunday). via @OptaJack

4 - Dallas is now riding a four game winless streak, scoring only one goal in the process.

7 - Seventh consecutive start for Dan Kennedy, splitting the minutes exactly with Chris Seitz. Kennedy is 2-2-3 while Seitz is 4-2-1.

78% - FC Dallas completed 78% of their passes. Second highest rate for 2015.

97% - That previous stat was helped on by completing 98% of his passes going 41/42.

Holy Toledo - Toledo has refereed 9 MLS matches this season, dishing out 35 yellows and 5 red cards.