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Big D Daily: News for Monday, June 8, 2015

Red cards, red cards everywhere.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

One thing I'll quickly say about the red cards in last night's game, at least it wasn't FCD that picked up two. Glass half-full folks.

// FC Dallas //

Hernandez happy with another chance to play for Guatemala | Dallas Morning News

Yep, you read that right. We have another guy going out on international duty this week.

FCD fail to capitalize on advantages against SJ |

As nice as a point is right now for FCD, not getting more out of that game was a bit of a let down with the man advantage for most of the second half.

// MLS //

Thoughts from around MLS after Week 14 |

Not much from our game last night in this piece from Matt Doyle but plenty of good notes worth diving into from other games that happened this past week in the league. My biggest take away though comes at the beginning of this piece, we haven't had a hat trick in MLS at all this season? Crazy.

Pirlo to join NYCFC |

More and more it looks like we'll get Andrea Pirlo in a NYCFC uniform this summer. Which is great for us here in Dallas considering NYCFC visits Frisco in September!

Altidore: Juventus missed Giovinco in Champions League final |

If anyone has caught a TFC game latest, they'll totally understand Jozy Altidore's thinking.

// FIFA //

Russia and Qatar could lose World Cups | ProSoccerTalk

If there is some bribery found, which we know there should be, we may see at least one of these World Cups put back up for bidding again. My gut tells me Russia keeps their World Cup either way though.

Email links Blatter to $10 million bribe |

Well then, ol' Sepp was taking some money after all huh? To me this isn't really news these days but it is still good to see stuff like this come out to expose just how dirty this old Swiss guy was.

// Women's World Cup //

What is the path to a World Cup title for the USWNT? | Stars and Stripes FC

The US women begin their campaign for glory today against Australia in the Women's World Cup. We may dive into some more game coverage around these parts later on but this is a good preview to start off with for those curious to see how well the US can do this year.

// Other //

What your soccer position says about you | Buzzfeed

Normally I wouldn't link one of these things but I thought it was amusing. What was your position?