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Big D Daily: News for Friday, June 5, 2016

The weekend is finally here!

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

This week has flown by thanks in part to all of the fun FIFA news that has come out. Now we head into the MLS weekend as FCD travels to San Jose.

// FC Dallas //

Castillo says he is ready to travel | Dallas Morning News

Oh happy day! Fabian Castillo looks like he is ready to go this weekend as the club heads west to San Jose. Hopefully his hamstring isn't bothering him these days.

Know your enemy: San Jose |

What does San Jose bring to the table this weekend? Time to dive into a scouting report to find out.

Diaz knows how to cope with physical play |

It isn't just drawing fouls and dealing with them but it is also about being on the same page with everyone else on his team. The last two games, he hasn't quite had the right connections with his teammates.

// MLS //

Who is leading in ASG voting |

As you would expect, certain fans are stuffing the ballots once again this year.

Chants threaten to mar Orlando's expansion season | Yahoo Sports

Really? Fans there are chanting things like 'retarted' at games? Why is that even allowed?

Pirlo open to MLS idea but is focused on Barcelona | Fox Soccer

I can't stress how bad I want to see Andrea Pirlo in MLS. I know he is old and will cost a pretty penny or three but he would be worth it for a year or two in my book.

// FIFA //

FIFA made payments to Ireland for Henry's handball | The Guardian

All the dirty laundry continues to come out and this one is certainly one of the bigger ones that is worth discussing.

FBI to probe missing $46m from Australia's failed bid | Herald Sun

How does that kind of money just go missing? How?

Blatter had a special relationship with Africa | The Conversation

Some can say that one good thing Sepp Blatter did was help grow the game in places like Africa.