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June Outlook: Can FC Dallas finish out the road trip on a high?

Four more games on the menu, plus one USOC match.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Going into last month, we all pretty much felt good about FC Dallas getting seven points in the five games of May. But now that FC Dallas is winless in three games and have dropped the last two games by a combined 6-1 score, going into June seems rough.

It is time to dust off the schedule and examine what FCD can get out of the new month.

San Jose Earthquakes - away - June 7 (6:00 pm)

The third game in the five-game road trip kicks off June in San Jose at the lovely new Avaya Stadium. FCD did manage to beat San Jose to start the season but the Quakes are a different club at home this year in that new building.

Seattle Sounders - away - June 13 (9:00 pm)

After San Jose, the club heads a little bit north to battle arguably the league's best team right now in the Sounders. The big question on my mind with this one is, will both teams be cut apart with international call ups again like they were back in March? It appears to be going that way.

USOC: Oklahoma City Energy FC - home - June 16 (8:00 pm)

If the five-game road trip wasn't bad enough with all the call ups, we get a USOC fourth round match smack dab in the middle of it all. I'm sure the club will put all of their ducks in a row to do as well as they can in this tournament, seeing how the trophy has the owners' name on it.

Colorado Rapids - away - June 19 (8:00 pm)

It seems pretty odd to be wrapping up the season series with a club in June but this will be the third and final game of the year with the Rapids. Colorado has been up and down ever since our last meeting with them but they did finally break through and get their first home win of the year recently.

Houston Dynamo - home - June 26 (8:00 pm)

Nothing like wrapping up a franchise record road trip to come home and battle your biggest rival. Thankfully this one is right before all of the Gold Cup madness that will take place, so FCD should have a first choice lineup available.


June looks easily as scary as it should with three road games to start out with. Normally at this point in the year we're talking about a bunch of injuries that are causing issues but this time around it is international call ups that are doing the deed.

Given all the players that will potentially be missing this month, I think a fair point total could be in the six point neighborhood. In that way, that basically could mean two wins or a win and three draws, both scenarios I would be perfectly fine with at this point. I think more realistically we could see four points though in this month. I'm pretty much saying FCD has to get three against Houston in the return home but if they can find a way to grind out points in any of those three road games it will be a big step back in the right direction here.

Also, advancing in the USOC would be nice but this may be the first time in a while that I'm hoping the emphasis isn't placed high on that tournament. if the young guys can help get a win there, then great. If not, I'm fine moving on.