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Triple S: Kings of Texas

Let's tackle the positives from Friday night's triumph over the dysfunctional Dynamo.

These two, when playing well, are hard to contain.
These two, when playing well, are hard to contain.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

"El Capitan is ours!" The best feeling in the world is beating your bitter rival. The best Pokemon victory was the one when you (spoiler alert all Pokemon games) beat your rival to become the Pokemon League Champion. I do not think FC Dallas was flying that high after the 2-0 complete game victory over Houston at Toyota Stadium but it had to have been close. Having been on a six-game win-less streak, the offense FINALLY looked dangerous all night and made the Dynamo pay. Can we play all of our games at home?

The Splendid

Mauro Diaz and Fabian Castillo were playing with a flair that together that has been missing for quite some time. The second goal was one of pure beauty in link-up play between the "South American Savages". Diaz seems to be a different animal at home. I do not know whether or not the game-plan allows him to be more commanding at home since the team is going for a victory, but it is nice to see him have a good match after many of us were wondering whether or not the super sub option was the best one for him. What can you say about Castillo, though? That is back-to-back matches where he has been heavily involved and playing with venom. Good match from the cornerstones of our attacking core.

The Splendid

Homegrown heaven is watching two FC Dallas Academy players start in central midfield and play with the level of quality that they did going forward in attack. Kellyn Acosta and Victor Ulloa had a fantastic match doing just that. Both goals started with ridiculously nice cross-field passes from each one of the central midfielders. Kellyn has a problem with making the rash challenge too often for my taste, but I hope that more experience in the center of the pitch can help teach him to pick his moments when challenging for the ball. While we would all like to see someone with more experience playing that "destroyer" role, I feel like Ulloa and Acosta are getting valuable minutes for their futures with this team and (dare I say it) the national team.

The Splendid

Oh happy days. A shutout is always good news and I predicted a stout performance from the back line with the return of Captain Matt. I am glad that my intuition was not, in the end, fiction. This team is so much more confident with Hedges on the field as their leader and organizer. I like the attitude that Matt brings when he is captain. From my interactions with him, he is a very subdued gentleman. Kind, respectful, but passionate, I see some of my own qualities in the Hoops leader. He flips the switch when he is on the field and I love that about him. It shows on the field and it showed against Houston even taking a yellow card when necessary. That is leadership and I love the way the defense played under the tutelage of Matty.

Thoughts on how Diaz looked different in this one than previous matches?

Do you think Victor and Kellyn are THE answer for our central midfield woes?

Fire away!