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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blatter does the wise thing and steps aside.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a wild turn of events in the FIFA mess.

// FC Dallas //

Pareja discusses SKC loss, loans and more | Dallas Morning News

Plenty of good comments from Oscar Pareja in this one. It is nice hearing his rational for why he subbed players the way he did last Friday too.

Tesho chooses Canada |

I always felt like in the end Tesho Akindele would end up going with Canada over the US. He's a smart kid, so it makes sense that he would do the right thing and pick the country that gives him the best shot at playing time.

// MLS //

MLS clubs are better equipped than ever to handle CCL challenge |

I get the thought behind this piece but I totally disagree with it right now. The scheduling of this tournament, along with the travel, and MLS roster sizes where they currently are at doesn't necessarily give MLS teams the best chance to handle this tournament in the way I think most fans would want them to.

Michael Bradley finally leading by example | Waking the Red

I've watched a couple Toronto games lately more intentionally and I have to say, when Bradley is on, so is Toronto. They looked very good against San Jose last weekend and I'm starting to drink the TFC kool-aid again.

High praise for Giovinco |

While Bradley is doing the right things in the midfield for TFC, it is the Italian that is pulling the strings in the attack that is making TFC exciting.

DCU using Virginia as a bargaining chip | Black and Red United

Don't do it DCU. Stay in the District.

// FIFA //

Blatter steps down, what is next? |

Yesterday was a wild day of emotion for a lot of soccer fans around the globe. On one hand it was exciting and happy but there were plenty of questions left to be answered.

Blatter part of the FBI probe |

You knew last week that it would really only be a matter of time before it went all the way up to the top to Blatter. Too many people below him would eventually out him.

With Blatter gone, time to dream up a new FIFA | FiveThirtyEight

A lot of people are going to say the reform word over the next few months with FIFA but it may be about so much more than that.

Alright, that should do it for now. What do you all have to say about all of this?