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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: What we learned

A full strength lineup shows what it can do at home.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In some ways I had almost forgotten what it was like to see FC Dallas play well for 90 minutes. And by well for 90 minutes, I mean a complete game from start to finish. That was exactly what we got out of them on Friday night in the 2-0 win over the Houston Dynamo.

The cannon will remain in Frisco for another season as FCD has a 2-0-0 lead on the Dynamo in the season series, with a plus-5 goal differential.

Full strength lineup

Not only was this the first game in several weeks that we saw FC Dallas win and play well for 90 minutes, but it was also the first time we had seen the first choice lineup in a long while. Sure, some of you will yell about Atiba Harris starting at full back again but I love pointing out the 5-1-2 record that the club has when Harris starts in the defense this season. He may not be the sole reason for it but he isn't bringing the club down when he is back there.

You also got a good sense of how well Kellyn Acosta and Victor Ulloa can be behind Mauro Diaz in the middle of the park. It wasn't that they are more comfortable playing at home together but it really shows how good these three can be in the middle of the park when they are all on the same page. I mean how about that ball from Acosta to Fabian Castillo to help set up first goal. Or ball sent from Ulloa to Castillo on the second goal? All mature passes from young players.

Diaz himself had a pretty solid night, as it was evident by his attempt on goal in the 34th minute. Two clever jukes of the ball outside the penalty box but his shot was right at Tyler Deric.

But it wasn't just the attack that was going at full steam with the top choices out there, the defense showed up well when they needed to as well. Maybe it was part of the energy that Dallas had in this one but the Dynamo never really posed a threat on the Dallas defense on the night.

The delay hurt no one but the gate number

I know we've had a pretty crazy 2015 in terms of weather here in Dallas. Many people in my family that have lived here all of their lives continue to tell me that. Once again Mother Nature decided to play her tricks on FCD on Friday with a hour long rain delay. I was glad I got into the press box well before the rain hit and boy did it hit hard and fast.

I was asked a couple times in pregame who the rain delay would effect more, Dallas or Houston. I didn't think it would make that much of an impact on either side since it was before the start of the game and not in the middle of the game like we had against Toronto earlier in the season. Acosta confirmed that thought to me after the game and said that the team just continue to stay loose while they watched the US women play China and the wild Colombia-Argentina game in Copa America.

Funny that our two best players on the night were a Colombian and an Argentine. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

Other obvervations

Solid group from Houston. What is really odd about the Houston fans is, they were louder at Toyota Stadium than they were back in May at home. Sure the score line in that game had something to do with it by the second half but they were fairly rowdy all night in this one, even at times being louder than the DBG.

Texeira. Just like against Houston in the previous meeting, David Texeira did pretty well with the chance he was given by Oscar Pareja. The Dallas coach said after the match that because of Perez's international duty in the last couple weeks and with the games ahead in the Gold Cup, he wanted to give Texeira a few more minutes up top. While he didn't have a stand out performance against Houston, looking back he wasn't terrible either.