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View From the East Stand: Take That Houston!

Oh man, what a game to be at this past Friday night. The team finally returned and what a return!

Driving to Frisco was a bit difficult Friday night, as Houston decided to bring their violent storms to Dallas upon their visit. The clouds were noticed when exiting our local, and very delicious, C-F-A. Memories of the Toronto game began to take hold as the dark clouds started sprinkling rain down. Once in the parking lot however, the full torrent was hitting. Couldn't see out of the windows and the water started piling up rapidly.

A 30 minute delay was instituted and a good portion of the crowd that was supposed to show up didn't seem to make it. Finally, with the rain subsiding slightly, and the gates opening up to the public (they actually closed the gates to people during the storm!) we made our way to our wet seats and prepared to watch the game.

Our East Stand Invaded!

Houston made sure that the closest away game they have in the MLS was well attended to by their faithful. In the stands where "The Inferno" used to be, the Houston supporters made their base camp with some loud musical instruments and ugly orange colors. Unfortunately their chants were fairly loud, but once that second goal went in, their passion was just as damp as the pitch their team was losing on. Didn't get a chance to encounter any Houston fans, there was a couple seated behind me both wearing orange shirts, but I noticed each time they were clapping for the FC Dallas goals. Maybe just unaware of the opponent that day?

Fabian Castillo Sanchez and the Dirty Dynamo

Vintage performance from Fabian Castillo. He must've seen the result of the Colombia vs Argentina game that finished minutes before the start of the match, because he was playing with a fire in his eyes. Just too much space being afforded to him by the Dynamo defenders resulted in our favorite Colombian reaping the rewards of his play.

The Dynamo on the other hand, were just not playing very nice to say the least. Foul after foul, the men in orange had no answer for FC Dallas' calm and smooth play on the night. Whether they were slips, or take downs straight from martial arts, there should've been many more yellows given out. It was an all around physical game, but Houston was definitely playing the dirtier. Although, that Harris tackle just on the edge of the box was definitely one of the worst on the night. What was he thinking?

My most exciting player to watch on the night was Castillo. He made everything happen and had a couple other chances that he could have put away. Just an absolute vintage performance.

And finally, your fan quote of the night:  "What was that?! Was that a judo move?!" - in reference to a particularly hard tackle by a Dynamo defender.

How great was it to see our boys back in town and also back to winning ways? Did you brave the rain to see the game? Anyone have any encounters with Dynamo fans? Let me know in the comments below!