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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: Match Predictions

Will our predictions end this six mach winless streak in MLS?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It's Rivarly Week, or as I've adopted, the Texas Derby! Our staff sat down exchanging our thoughts and predictions for this one. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below.

Becky Chabot: 4-1 Win

First home match against Houston in a while, so expect theatrics and lots of goals. Houston scores first, but is answered swiftly by FCD.

Ben Lyon: 2-1 Win

Perez bags the winner.

Brian Wachholz: 1-0 Loss

I am usually an optimist, but I can't get the dark clouds out of my head this week. There is no middle ground here. Either FCD bounces back with a comfortable victory, or they crater rock bottom like an alcoholic crackhead on intervention. The foreboding winds make me think that there will be a red card, and #sadFCDfan doesn't get any more happy by Monday. Houston overpowers Dallas, 1-0.

Drew Epperley: 3-1 Win

The return home sparks FC Dallas as the offense spreads it around with goals from Fabian Castillo, Blas Perez and Mauro Diaz.

Jason Poon: 3-1 Loss

I've been wrong about all my predictions so far, so I'm going to continue with that streak. *fingers crossed*

Mohammad Bushnaq: 2-0 Win

The return of the captain helps solidify the back line and one of the youngsters makes a contribution for a goal.

Nathan Hill: 2-2 Draw

FCD and Houston are both desperate, things are tense, potentially lots of yellows and Houston grabs a goal for the draw late. I still don't feel this team has turned a corner a yet.

Ryan Scanlon: 3-2 Win

Kenny Cooper comes in and heads the winner in the last minute giving us a euphoric victory in a hard fought game. Giving up a 2 goal lead he saves us once more. Like Gandalf, but in soccer.

Scott Hiney: 3-2 Win

FC Dallas scores within the first 15 and after Houston ties it up before halftime, scores two more and Houston gets a second in stoppage time.