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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A big slew of games in MLS tonight.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston hate week rolls closer to Friday here as FC Dallas gets ready for battle with the Dynamo.

// FC Dallas //

Chatting with Clavijo, Zelaya and Sokolowski | Dallas Morning News

For whatever reason, hearing that the club has one open roster slot available right now seems so...incorrect to me. Probably it is because there are a hand full of players not being used at the moment.

Switch to evening practice praised by FCD players | Dallas Morning News

Lately the club has been practicing in the evenings to help deal with the heat. Truthfully, I think it is a wise change this time of year and not to mention a good way to shake things up during this winless rut.

Diaz not enjoying the current winless streak | Dallas Soccer News

No one is a fan of losing Mauro, but hopefully you'll take this as motivation to score a couple on Friday.

Behind the soccer - El Capitan |

A nice must-see video on the behind the curtain stuff with the cannon.

// MLS //

45 players in MLS named to Gold Cup rosters |

FCD has five players going to the big tournament.

Saborio disciplined by team | RSL Soapbox

Very interesting situation going on in Salt Lake with their star striker.

The Tyranny of low expectations | Burgundy Wave

I keep reminding myself these last couple weeks that it could be way worse for FCD here. Just look at Colorado.

Five stages of a Union loss | The Brotherly Game

Or look at Philly.

Andy Roxburgh says he misses New York | Once a Metro

The former technical boss of the Red Bulls misses the fans and everything about the Big Apple.

Several African players should sign in MLS this summer | isportsweb

I've been saying for a while now that I am shocked that FCD hasn't taken the African markets more serious to scout players. This link says Salomon Kalou is available and would come to MLS. I'd take him.

// USMNT //

Jozy or bust with the Gold Cup roster |

The goal this year has always been to win the Gold Cup and this is a roster that can do it.