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Triple S: Rapid Disappointment

There I was, munching on my meal at the end of the day and watching the clock wind down. Could it be? Is FC Dallas going to get the victory to end the road trip on a positive note? Yikes, there goes that thought. Why am I so naive and optimistic?

Best player on the field for FC Dallas by far
Best player on the field for FC Dallas by far
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It is unfortunate that this team is struggling to close matches. Going back to the Montreal match, FC Dallas could not find that goal to salvage a result on the road despite immense amounts of pressure on net. Fast forward a few weeks later, and FC Dallas was on the other side of the disappointment by giving up a late goal and losing the full share of the points after a Serna volley of perfection beat Kennedy to the far post. The match ended in stalemate, a 1-1 draw in Commerce City, but it felt like a loss given the fact that the Hoops were only five minutes from three crucial points they have not tasted in over a month. My pocket feels empty.

The Splendid

Not much to talk about here in what was a really drab match from an observer's perspective, but Fabian Castillo was a bright spot for the Hoops on Friday night. He seemed active and into the match, scoring a pretty goal and causing havoc time and time again. For as lethargic as most of the team looked on Friday, Fabi looked fantastic. He needs a lot of help from his teammates if FC Dallas wants to return to first-place form, but it was a bit encouraging to see Castillo continue to attack even as it looked like most of his teammates just did not have it in Commerce City.

The Substandard

Finishing needs to get better from this team. It was inexcusable giving up the late goal, but there have been a few chances to take/enhance the lead in recent games that have not been grabbed by the throat. We need to take more chances, put balls on net, and force keepers to make a save. As evidenced by Castillo's goal, you never know what can happen if you hit it hard enough and on-target. Sometimes, I feel like this team is being too cute. Instead of playing the ball in the dangerous areas, sometimes our players tend to overthink, try to take on more man, and it is very frustrating. FC Dallas needs to get more shots on net, test keepers, and just play like they are having fun. I am not seeing that, especially on the offensive end.

The Sickening

Not much is going well for this team right now. If they do not take a lead, they are unable to come back no matter how well they play. If they take a lead, they are unable to close out games. The mark of a team that is not confident in itself right now is not really fun to watch from a die-hard perspective. International call-ups, suspensions, and injuries played a part in this six game win-less streak, sure. However, the fact that Mauro Diaz seems uninterested in matches is reminiscent of the way the season started. The difference? The rest of the team picked up the slack with healthy legs and confidence earlier in the season and that is just not happening right now. I said it last week and I will say it again. The passion is lacking. If it means benching a few players to rectify this problem of not many people "fighting for the shirt", I do not mind that one bit as long as we have people out there who are playing as if a fire has been lit under them trying to win their places in the team. Much better than those who are walking around trying to avoid injury at every step on the pitch.

Bonus Sickness

The ball skimmed the top of the captain's head and fell to Serna. So close, yet so far. Come on, Matty. We expect better from you.