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Workhorse of the Week vs Colorado Rapids

Another draw away - which is kind of good but still not good enough. Vote for your Workhorse of the Week, and try to find the positive at the end of a bleak 5 game road trip.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to No One, last week's Workhorse of the Week winner. Yes, if this is your first Workhorse of the Week article, many of us got so fed up with this team's lackluster play, that we added the option to vote on No One. And finally, they won. Good for them. Ryan Hollingshead and Alex Zendejas completed the top three, so it's not like there wasn't some love out there.

The game against Colorado was seen as one where FC Dallas might get a full three points and end this bleak 5 game road slate with something positive. You can go watch the highlights on though, and you will see what doesn't lie - until the second half, there weren't many highlights. It was a pretty bland game. Draws typically are.

Luckily, Fabian Castillo pulled some magic out of nowhere halfway through the second half with a brilliant goal.

Then, FCD give a potential 3 points away with awful defending.

Just watch that again and again - what was Acosta doing? Where was the communication? They were minutes away from a huge 3 points, and it all slipped away with a bad decision.

Castillo almost won the game singlehandedly, so I will give him some credit for being one of the brighter spots on Friday night. I'm not sure what else to take away. Some will argue that Kyle Bekker and Walker Zimmerman continue to emerge. Ryan Hollingshead is this team's jack of all trades at the moment, which is either a good or bad thing.

And let's take one more moment to say who will not win Workhorse of the Week - that unbelievably bad commentary on Friday night.

Anyway, that's enough talk about a 1-1 draw. Go vote.

This Week's Strong Recommendation

Fabian Castillo

Fabian was my bright spot from Friday night. He created what may have been an undeserving shot for FCD to get 3 points and nearly got us there even after Colorado equalized. The kid has not been at his best in these past 5 games, but he comes out and fights like hell for his team. Keep it up, Fabian.