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Around MLS: Week 16 Recap

Recapping some the league actions while we were #sadFCDfans

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

So following the disappointing loss draw from last Friday's game, the league went on and did soccer stuff. Some were fun, some were excruciating and some where just downright bizarre. Here's a quick recap of some of the soccer happenings that transpired while were all wallowing in our sadness.

Nut Grabbing

Honestly, it still makes me sad that former Dallas captain Andrew Jacobson is moonlighting for Man City B, NSYNC, I mean, NYCFC. Even more so when you look at how thin the center midfield spot is these days. I know he wasn't the most popular player here but he at least could do the job, well at least when he wasn't having his junk grabbed at.

Should Jacobson have responded with his elbow? Probably not. But honestly, when another player grabs for your privates during a soccer match, all bets are off. Certainly cannot blame Jacobson for his reaction.

Pirlo Cometh

Not that is comes as a surprise to anyone, but the rumors are picking up steam with Andrea Pirlo being spotted by multiple people that his glorious beard is in fact in New York.

The big question now is who will actually see the field first? Pirlo or Lampard or George John? (Did y'all forget about him?)


In all my years of soccer watching, I've never seen a defender do this:

I mean, what do you do when that is caught on TV like that? Dust it off like nothing happened and try to play it cool or lay there pretending you seriously hurt yourself so everyone feels bad for snickering at you?

Results? Oh yeah!

NYCFC downed TFC 2-0. Montreal Impact beat down Orlando 2-0. Blah blah blah.

San Jose continues to own Seattle by destroying them 2-0 in their precious home turf and the LA Galaxy made the Union look like an amateur club team by beating them handily 5-1. (Galaxy beat PSA Elite 6-1 on Wednesday).

And while it was the Timbers who did the Lord's work for us, they did manage to shut out Houston on Saturday and anyone beating Houston is a good thing.