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Big D Daily: News for Monday, June 22, 2015

The road trip is over, time for FCD to get back to business.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

The long road trip is finally over and now we get to see FC Dallas back at home for four out of the next five games in league play.

// FC Dallas //

Two late June games hold a lot of value | 3rd Degree

While last Friday's game didn't quite work out in the end for FCD, the game this weekend is certainly going to be a must-win type match.

FCD fails to win on road trip, eyes return home |

Five games on the road and only two points and two goals to show for. Also that winless streak is now at six games. And if we want to take it a step back, only four goals in the last seven games. Yuck.

// MLS //

Weekend thoughts from around MLS |

Matt Doyle checks in with his usual Monday piece. I love the thought he discusses at the beginning of this post. Still makes me upset that FCD didn't start their own USL team this year like so many other clubs.

Pirlo close to signing with NYCFC | Black, White and Read All over

Andrea Pirlo appears really close to signing with MLS. Make it happen folks. I want to see him with David Villa and Frank Lampard later this year in Dallas.

Dempsey's suspension from MLS |

Three games for Deuce in league play. I know some fans are furious about this but the league probably did about as good of a job with this one as they could since it wasn't a situation that happened in league play.

Vanney unhappy with naive refs |

Well, that is MLS Greg Vanney, what more did you expect out of the guys in the middle of the park?

// Women's World Cup //

Australia shocks Brazil |

I don't remember who I saw on Twitter say it but I remember seeing someone post that they thought Brazil was going to run all over the Aussies. Whoops.

South American teams see benefit of expanded field |

Adding more teams to the World Cup this year was a good thing after all.