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View from the East: Giving Up an Undeserved Lead

A very plain game played out on Friday night on Univision, and it was a bad performance all around.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It was a cloudy night here in Dallas as it seems we're getting another good run of storms. Thankfully the weather looks like it'll be clear for our first home game in a long time next week. The game was on Univision which is a pain for non-Spanish speakers, and I've railed against the commentators before. Being a Spanish speaker, however, I enjoyed having emotion and excitement injected into the game when it seemed like both teams had little of each. There was also a broadcast from the live stream thread!

The Game We Gave Up

Acosta to blame. Maybe partly Hedges, but Acosta. Not pulling any punches with my anger here as the young defenders was caught ball watching instead of keeping up with his man. There's no reason Hedges and Acosta should be zonal marking while leaving an open man unmarked in the box, especially late in the game. On first glance it just looked like a fantastic play by Dillon Serna, but upon seeing the replays I became infuriated with the attempt at defending.

The make shift back line definitely held its' own though. When I saw Ryan Hollingshead - Zach Loyd - Walker Zimmerman - Michel, I was understandably afraid of what was to happen. Didn't think it would be our best two defenders to mentally lapse and ruin the clean sheet that inexperienced back four had managed to work with up until that point. It really leaves me shaking my head, not understanding the world.

Castillo Magic

Definitely angry about the goal we gave up, but how about Fabian Castillo?! Kyle Bekker, with his first assist, gives it to the only player on this team that can make something happen in a stale game like this and it reaped rewards. There just seemed to be no movement from the other players as FC Dallas seemed exhausted from the entire road trip. It seemed like we were going to be able to steal 3 points for once on this road trip and maybe bring a little momentum back home.

The most exciting player of the game had to be Castillo, he created many opportunities and took initiative to almost grab three points on the road. One thought struck me though, once Castillo loses his speed as he gets older, he could still be a threat if his scoring touch doesn't abandon him. It was a tough game to watch, I almost wanted to go back to playing computer. Thankfully the team is back in town and I'll have more fan quotes as watching the game alone at home doesn't give me many quality fan quotes other than from texts.

What did y'all think about the match? Any anger towards are two brightest defenders on the goal given up? Excited to see the boys come back home finally?! Let me know in the comments below!