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Scratching the Chalkboard: Time to Drop Diaz?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas ended their franchise record five game road trip by picking up a point throwing away two points to the Colorado Rapids. The Hoops entered into this one cautiously, and with good reason, to try to get a result out of this. Three games in a span of 7 days, with all the travel and the altitude would make anyone cautious in Colorado, regardless of their standings in the table. But really, this one was a very forgettable match on so many fronts and we should hope that Dallas shakes this one off quickly before they host Houston on Friday.

What Offense?

The good news is that the three game league goal scoring drought is over, but the bad news is that it took a bit of individual brilliance from Fabian Castillo to get it and nothing else from the team as a whole. Despite putting out Michael Barrios and Castillo on the wings and the return of Blas Perez, this group managed to get off just 8 shot attempts and only three on target.


Three shots inside the box from Castillo alone, one resulted int a goal, one tragically hit the post and the only other shot inside the box came from Blas Perez which Castillo set up. Basically we're looking at an all Castillo show, which is a great show but he could use some help from his supporting cast if this club is going to change their scoring woes.

Which brings me to my next point.

Drop Diaz?

Part of Castillo's supporting cast is Mauro Diaz and if he can't pull the strings for this offense, then maybe he needs to sit a game or two out. This would have been unimaginable before this road swing, but it may be time for Oscar Pareja to bench Mauro Diaz. This is not to say he hasn't played well (he's been meh) but this team needs goal scoring opportunities and goals and if it's not coming from Diaz, then it needs to come from the speed of this squad.

Dallas basically went into a "bunker-and-counter" mode against Colorado to save their legs and it nearly worked. But if Mauro Diaz is going to be a part of that set up he's going to need to deliver more on both sides of the ball, and I can't believe I'm writing this, but particularly on the offensive side in getting the ball through to Castillo and Barrios quicker.

Final Third

That's just 25 total passes in 90 minutes inside the final third, with Diaz contributing just three passes (one completed). Diaz thrives in between the lines but if that gap doesn't exist, it might be time to reunited Tesho Akindele and Blas Perez up top and go full on counter mode.