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FC Dallas vs Sporting KC: Game grades

Ugly game equals an ugly grade.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

We've beaten down this game quite a bit but we'll finish things off with our game grades of the 4-0 beating that FC Dallas took from Sporting Kansas City.

Starting XI

Dan Kennedy - 4

His defense certainly didn't help him out on the night but I do wonder if the six goals let in from him in the last two games gives Chris Seitz a start or two to end this road trip. Part of me thinks it will happen.

Moises Hernandez - 3

He got forward a little in this one but after the red card he really struggled at helping out on the left side. I think his chemistry with Fabian Castillo showed too as he didn't have the same spark on the wing as he usually does when Castillo is out there. He just didn't click with the wingers up the field on the night.

Matt Hedges - 3

Not one of his best nights on the field as a captain of this team. Last time the club got beat 4-0 it was largely because of his absence but this time around he was well apart of the beating. Hopefully this bad night is out of his system for good as he really hasn't looked this poor since his rookie year.

Zach Loyd - 2

I think he may have come back to the field a little too soon from his groin injury. He looked rusty and lacked some of his usual pace. He has to be more mature on fouls like he caused for his two cards too.

Je-Vaughn Watson- 4

He certainly worked hard on the night but like everyone in the defense, he struggled when it mattered most.

Victor Ulloa - 4

We got what we expected out of Ulloa but more and more in games like this you wish Victor had that destroyer mode in him to help clean things up defensively. As good as he is at getting in passing lanes, he doesn't physically dominate a lot of skilled players in the middle of the park.

Kyle Bekker - 4

I liked the addition of Bekker in this lineup but he struggled at getting on the end of passes at times and he didn't look totally comfortable out there behind Mauro Diaz. Maybe some weird conflicting styles between the two.

Tesho Akindele - 3

We joked a few weeks back about his potential sophomore slump but this was the kind of game that made it really look like he was in a slump. Only 22 touches on the ball is not good enough in my book. Also, I think he'll want that one shot back too.

Mauro Diaz - 3

As the game went on he began to remind me a bit of what David Ferreira used to do when he first got here. He was frustrated with teammates not getting on the end of his passes and would look disinterested. Not to mention he struggled at creating any real chances of his own - something FCD really needs him to ramp up here.

Ryan Hollingshead - 3

He hustles a lot out there but overall he just isn't bringing a lot to the table right now.

Blas Perez - 4

Another night where he didn't get a lot of chances on goal and didn't really contribute a ton to the attack.

Oscar Pareja - 3

All of his subs confused me a bit on the night. I think this was one of those games that got away from Oscar in a hurry, especially after the red card. Instead of going defensive and putting in Walker Zimmerman, he added a new player to MLS in Rolando Escobar to the field for Perez. All that did was muddy up the midfield and oddly enough allow more space for SKC to exploit.


Rolando Escobar - 5

Welcome to MLS Escobar. There wasn't a ton to take away from his first 45 minutes with the club, sadly with the international call-up this week by Panama, we won't see him again likely until the Seattle game.

Michel - 4

As he has been for the last few weeks when he plays, he hasn't brought a ton to the field.

David Texeira - 4

He does actually exist but this game was too far gone by the time he was brought in. He only had a few touches on the night and none really went forward enough to do anything positive.