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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CONCACAF Groups were drawn last night.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

We're rolling in here in June as we get prepared for a Sunday night game (yeah...Sunday night...not Friday night...Sunday night).

// FC Dallas //

FCD looks to the future with pre-academy trails |

We know that there is a large amount of talent in this region for youth soccer, so hopefully FCD can continue to tap into it and make the very most of it.

Sellouts on the horizon for FCD? |

I almost take this with a grain of salt but if the next two home games, one against Houston and then the July 4th game don't sell out, then we certainly have a bigger problem on our hands.

Loyd gives back through coaching refugees |

While his red card last weekend wasn't fun to see, his story off the field continues to be a good one.

// MLS //

Instant replay for Week 13 |

Everyone's favorite soccer reviewer takes a look at last weekend. Seeing that the first SKC goal was offside makes you wonder how that game would have gone had that been called back.

Jones fears injury is worse | The Bent Musket

New England will be without Jermaine Jones again here as he has another injury to deal with. That isn't good for a team that really relies on his ability to dominate the midfield.

Sounders and Whitecaps drawn into same CCL group | Sounder at Heart

Boy, I have to say I was disappointed to see these two sides in the same CCL group. But that is the luck of the draw if you will.

DCU heads back to Jamaica and Panama in CCL | Black and Red United

Out of the five MLS clubs in the CCL, I thought DCU got the best draw of them all.

Traffic's obsession with competing against MLS may have fueled misconduct | World Soccer Talk

If you are wanting a bit of insight into the NASL world, really look no further than to this piece. Lots of insights from the writer that worked at the NASL offices for three years. I've always said that there was some weird stuff going on there with all the competition talk, so a lot of this makes sense to me.

Canada to start their own domestic league | Once a Metro

I doubt this will have any true barring on MLS or even the three MLS sides in Canada but it is a story worth keeping an eye on here for the lower divisions.

And for those that haven't seen John Oliver's latest take on FIFA...well enjoy: