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Workhorse of the Week vs. Sporting Kansas City

Where's the Men in Black when you actually need them? FC Dallas and its fans will want to put Friday night's game long behind them as we look ahead. Still, let's pause for a moment to cast a precious vote for Workhorse of the Week (with a twist).

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Congratulations to Matt Hedges, who with 6 votes out of a paltry 17 cast, stood out as the diamond in the rough against FC Dallas' loss to Montreal. Congratulations, I guess.

After last week's game against Montreal, I realized that we may need to add an option to our voting system. From now on, I will be sure to add an option for "No One", especially after a loss. If you want to vote but don't want to sully your vote by suggesting any FCD player, your voice will be heard. And after a disastrous game on Friday night, many of you might cast your vote for this new category.

Most of us will want to forget about Friday night. It was a disaster. FCD started out on their back foot, and SKC took advantage every step of the way. This team was beaten thoroughly, soundly, devastatingly. (How many adverbs can I squeeze in here?) There were simple no answers, especially when Zach Loyd sullied his return with some awful fouls against the rising star, Nemeth.

I don't know how a team picks themselves up after a defeat like this. Do they study film? Do they just get back out there on the training field and have some fun? Is Pareja and co looking at changes to their scouting or formation against future opponents? Is this just a bad mini-slump, or is it a sign of more trouble to come?

Do they channel some Liam Neeson in a time like this?

It's going to be hard to find positives out of a loss like this, but I do have at least one suggestion.

In the meanwhile, cast your vote for Workhorse of the Week. Despite the loss, was there an FCD player who exemplified his team's spirit the most, who fought to the final whistle? Voice your opinion below, please.

This Week's Sole Recommendation

Je-Vaughn Watson

Je-Vaughn is the only player I can think of who seemed ready to play. He created the best offensive attack late in the first half with his speedy run and decent cross. He stayed active in the second half and probably wasn't directly at fault for any of the goals. I'm not saying this is a huge ringing endorsement, but he is the only player that seemed dialed into the game.