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Three Questions with Burgundy Wave

We sit down with the Colorado Rapids' blog to see what they think of the final regular season match between the two rivals.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Today we sat down with Colorado Rapids' blog Burgundy Wave to see their take on tonight's game.

1. After such a heavy, heavy slump, how is Colorado starting to turn things around? How much of it is FCD's fault, allowing the Rapids a 4-0 road victory earlier this season?

I don't know if it was FCD's fault as the Rapids were due for a win.  It really has a lot more to do with starting slowly then anything else.  They have scored first in just four games this year and are 2-0-2 when they do.  In the other ten matches this year they are 0-4-6.  Obviously, getting the first one is critical.  The Rapids are not built to chase a game, but they are doing that a lot.  This is where the frustration comes in: if you know getting that first goal is critical, why are you not more prepared to go at the start of the year.  The Rapids have been so flat to start matches you wonder what is going wrong and why?

2. Dallas has been decimated by the many international tournaments going on this year. How have the Rapids been hit with call-ups and how has it impacted their league performance?

The Rapids have lost Shane O'Neill and Dillon Serna for multiple matches this year, but have had the depth to compensate for them being gone.  Gabriel Torres may be with Panama for the Gold Cup, but for the most part the team has stayed intact, in that respect.

I don't know that it has impacted league performance that much.  There are supporters who are calling for O'Neill and Serna to play more based on past performance, but you have Juan Ramirez and Axel Sjoberg who have seemingly pushed past them in the Starting XI.  Ironically, both Sjoberg and Ramirez are out for this one so I expect to see both O'Neill and Serna in tonight.

3. This may be a weekly question for you, but can I get an updated temperature of Pablo Mastroeni's seat? What recent failures or successes contribute to the change?

It is the number one question I get from supporters.  How much longer will Pablo be there?  Well, nothing has really changed.  Certainly people are disappointed in the record, but for right now players and the FO are firmly behind Pablo.  I think that he will be evaluated at the end of the year and based on that they will make the call, but I do not expect any change on the bench this year or into next.

Thanks to the folks at Burgundy Wave for chipping in this week!