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The Hat Trick: Week 16

The FC Dallas summer road tour finally comes to its last stop, Commerce City, Colorado, as the team looks to come back home on a high note.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

How should we be mad?

This is an interesting time in the season. At this point, I've become a little numb to losing. The 3-1 loss in Portland and 4-0 loss at home to the Rapids hurt much more because back then, losing just didn't happen often. But now, after this five game winless streak, I wasn't the least bit surprised to see Saturday's 3-0 scoreline, even after being tied 0-0 at halftime.

Some chatter was raised amongst the BDS staff earlier this week about the likelihood of a Pareja firing should the team not make the playoffs. Through that, I realized that the fanbase really isn't directing any of major criticism towards the players or coach, but at the front office. Rightfully so. They've been very quiet on the issues that we really care about and they certainly don't seem to be reaching out to us in search of how we think the team should be run. I suppose at the end of the day, it's a business. All that to say, Pareja isn't going anywhere.

Don't Play Down

Something this team did fairly well last season was beating the teams that they "should" beat. They took down Toronto, Houston, New England (pre Jermaine Jones) and a host of others. They also beat Colorado, each time they played them. This season, they have yet to win against them and they have been outscored by a total of 5-1. If this team wants to right this ship, it starts with beating the teams that they're clearly better than.

We saw a glimpse of this Tuesday night in Fort Worth as the team dispatched OKC Energy relatively easily, 4-1. If this team can win Friday night — a game they absolutely should — that winning confidence will go a long way, especially headed back home against a team FC Dallas has dominated of late in the Dynamo.

Play Your Kids

This isn't my own tagline, so don't think I'm creative or anything. FC Dallas has a leg up on the league in one major category — youth. They lead the league in homegrown minutes played, and this past weekend, they had their first homegrown player play in a World Cup Qualifier, Moises Hernandez for Guatemala.

My favorite quality of Oscar Pareja is that he will play his best eleven players, no matter age, hype or name. Seeing Alex Zendejas getting the starting nod in Tuesday's USOC game gives me hope that this team can constantly turn to new blood whenever they're in need of a youthful jolt. Don't be surprised to see a youngster get good playing time this weekend.