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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FCD finally wakes up as they dominate in the USOC fourth round.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it was a return home that needed to happen for FC Dallas but either way, last night was more like it.

// FC Dallas //

Why Otis Earle hasn't seen the field yet | Dallas Morning News

A lot of excuses being thrown out there as to why Earle hasn't played yet but you have to wonder if he is beginning to just be a total bust of a pick.

Akindele enjoys 'perfect' day with Canada |

Nothing like a goal and an assist with the national team to help boost your season. Hopefully Tesho can bring that level of excitement and energy back to FCD this week.

// MLS //

Seattle sees early exit in the USOC |

The big upset of the night had to be Portland beating Seattle in the fourth round of the USOC. Wow. Crazy that Seattle was playing with SEVEN men in the overtime period in this one. Crazy. Oh yeah, you have to see how Clint Dempsey was thrown out. (If you are having trouble figuring it out, Dempsey takes the card out of the ref's hand and tosses it in the air.)

DCU president proud of his hometown USL team in Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh Tribune

There is a few more USOC matches in the fourth round tonight and one puts DCU at Pittsburgh.

Fifth round matches in USOC to be drawn on Thursday |

For everyone wondering about the next round of the USOC, we'll know more on Thursday. But go ahead and expect that match with the Austin/Houston winner.

What Pro/Rel would cost MLS owners | The Brotherly Game

While this one is fairly well written and researched, I tend to lean on one of the comments of the article as why I still am against this kind of thing in MLS. One person says that Pro/Rel works in Europe, particularly in England because of the Man Us, Arsenals and Chelseas and not because of the random games that pit the Sunderlands, Hull City, or QPRs against one another.

Why MLS plays on international dates | RSL Soapbox

Here is your annual comment on why MLS rarely takes breaks for FIFA.

// Women's World Cup //

US beats Nigeria and wins group |

Once again the US women didn't play all that great but they found a way to get three points and win their group.