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Triple S: Sound Defeat

Really, there is no other way to put it. The absences killed this team en route to what turned out to be a pretty comprehensive road loss in one of the toughest places to play, CenturyLink Field.

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Sigh. Really, this match was written off as a loss by many of us before the starting lineups were even announced. The Sounders, at home, posed too much of a threat for an absolutely depleted FC Dallas team missing quite a few starters and depth players. What was even worse is that the first half was actually outstanding from the Hoops. They just could not keep up the pressure in the 2nd half as Sigi's halftime speech and changes were more productive than Oscar's. The 3-0 scoreline was a fair one. Let me try to be a little bit more optimistic after FCD was soundly defeated (pun-intended as always) because really this one could have been sickening across the board.

The Splendid

Not really much good going on here, but one happy moment for myself (and many other fans) was the fact that we finally saw some youth (highly rated ones) getting playing time. I thought Alex Zendejas was excellent in his first start, providing an offensive spark and linking up with the play of Mauro Diaz and Blas Perez. I thought it was a good debut from the youngster who showed strength on the ball and only made one or two bad mistakes in the entirety of his time on the field. Coy Craft replaced Alex in the later stages of the second half and provided some spark in terms of sheer hunger and hustle when FC Dallas needed it most while chasing the game. It was not too impressive as he did not see much of the ball, but you could see the passion and flair there, something the team was missing for the most part in Seattle during the second half.

The Sufficient

This may draw some dissenting opinions. By all means, have at it. Not everyone has to see eye-to-eye on every FC Dallas related matter, obviously, I liked what Kyle Bekker brought to the match on Saturday. I thought he was a better option than our friend, Michel, both in attack and defense. Sometimes, the final ball left something to be desired, and he could have done better with that chance in the first half, but Michel is not even in that spot if he is in the game. In my most humble of opinions, I feel like Bekker's game compliments Victor Ulloa much more than Michel's does. You can fight me on this if you want. When Acosta is not here, I like Bekker over Michel in the starting lineup. Do you agree?

The Sickening

To borrow from Football Manager 2015 pep talks, "where's the passion, lads?" That must have been the message from Sigi Schmid to the Sounders at halftime because they came out guns blazing in the second half, but that same sentiment can be echoed from many FC Dallas fans to the team after that disastrous second half. I did not see any killer instinct, fighting for the shirt, or a sheer will for a result and that bothered me and many others in the FC Dallas faithful. Having showed us the capability in the first half to compete under any given circumstance, it was disheartening to see the team unravel as I know the group is capable of doing better. That is what made me feel a form of illness not related to the constant change of weather we have had in DFW over the last week or so. The defense was not atrocious as the Hoops had to commit more men forward in order to try to get a result and the goals were as a result, but allowing three goals is really not justifiable, especially when the offense is having a harder time scoring than I do when I play FIFA on "Legendary."

Bonus Sickness

Honestly, I feel bad for Dan Kennedy. It makes me sick because I was hoping he would have a better back line in front of him to prevent these embarrassing losses that he had to endure with Chivas USA, but it has not been the case with injuries, suspensions, and call-ups preventing any kind of continuity and stability with the back four. I know Kennedy has not really made many jaw-dropping saves but he really has not let that many soft goals in, either. I do not blame him for the results one bit. They would have been the exact same had Seitzy been in goal.

Your thoughts on Zendejas and Craft's first extended minutes so far this season?

Kyle Bekker, yea or nay?

Is Dan Kennedy at fault for some of these large goals against matches?