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Workhorse of the Week vs. Seattle Sounders

Can I have those two hours on Saturday night back, please? FC Dallas continues to plummet in spectacular fashion. Did you see something positive against Seattle? Cast your vote for Workhorse of the Week.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Victor Ulloa for being the run away Workhorse of the Week winner for his tidy performance against San Jose.

But enough with the positivity, let's turn our attention  to the trainwreck that was Saturday evening's game against Seattle.

Look. I get it. We all get it. Seattle is a tough place to play. This team is not exactly in good form. Players are missing due to various call ups. Our defense is banged up. There isn't that spark, that spring in the step, that sense of energy. There don't seem to be many answers other than try to persevere and get through it.

But like many fans, that's not really good enough.

Here's the biggest problem with this team - even if Pareja felt like benching some players, there aren't enough players to field another starting 11. There is no depth. We got some young players, like Zendejas, who are on the cusp of getting more time, but there's little else. There are few answers in this roster, even when this team gets healthier and the schedule settles down. The veterans and the youngsters are not playing particularly well, and the coaching staff seems unable to put the right pieces on the field to make a difference.

Yes, #SadFCDFan is a fitting hashtag right now.

The first half against Seattle exemplified what this weekly column is about - a hard-nosed FC Dallas team working its tail off for a potential result. The second half was everything that this team has exemplified in the past month or so - a team without answers.

And, I repeat, it's everybody - what particularly irked me was the play of a guy like Mauro Diaz, especially at the end, as he stopped and watched Seattle's third goal unfold. Pay attention in the clip (can't embed this one). It's the end of the game, you could say, and Diaz was gassed and not really responsible for defending. And yet, it feels like on the field leadership is completely lacking. At least try to keep fighting, if nothing else than for your fans. Keep running with the play. Keep trying. Anything is possible in this silly game of soccer.

Alright, enough with that.

On to the vote - cast your vote for Workhorse of the Week. I've got one recommendation this week, but I'd love to hear if you saw any diamond in the rough on Saturday night.

This Week's Recommendation

Alex Zendejas

The 17 year old made his first start for FC Dallas in a tough environment and acquitted himself fairly well. He was one of the better players on the field for FCD, although that doesn't say much considering how quickly this team folded in the second half. The future seems bright for the youngster. I think he was the only bright spot in this team for me, although I won't be voting for him anyway.