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View from the East: Facepalming. Ranting.

Head was buried in hands at the end of this terrible performance by our boys in red.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It was a beautiful night in Dallas as FC Dallas traveled to Seattle for the fourth road game in a row. Visiting Seattle while on a four game winless streak with only one goal in that streak to boot...This was always going to be a tough one no matter how you looked at it. Still did not excuse the horrible 2nd half that made me sad, angered, and put my hand into my face numerous times.

An Okay Start!

Yeah, first half was not too shabby with FC Dallas stringing together some nice plays that lacked the finishing touch. Fabian Castillo had an amazing run into the box and my hands went immediately to pulling my own hair when the ball hit the bar. Beginning of the season Castillo would've buried that into the net. Then Kyle Bekker, with virtually a one-on-one with Stefan Frei managed to put it straight to the goalkeeper's hand.

What Happened?!

The second half began and it all fell apart. FC Dallas buckled multiple times to concede preventable goals that were each more frustrating to watch than the last. First goal was a rare give away from Victor Ulloa, Walker Zimmerman hesitation to step up to Lamar Neagle, and Neagle having a good hit of it in the end. The second goal was determination by Obafemi Martins, but mostly a botched clearance, Michel not committing to trying to get to the botched clearance, and sub-par defending from Bekker with no help. Michel and Bekker were both not on point this night, the whole backline is definitely missing Matt Hedges' leadership as the game wore on and the organization broke down. Really need our captain back as soon as possible.

Can't stand the team being gone for so long. It's just depressing and frustrating not being able to cheer them on in person after so long. The team needs to come home and regroup. Come back home to the fans who love y'all!

Fan quote of the night was a text I received after Martins 2nd goal that summed up the entire evening. It simply read: "Trash".

Can anyone argue that what we saw out there was even remotely decent? Does the line-up almost suggest it was a throw away game? Anyone else having FC Dallas withdrawals, just waiting for them to come back? Let me know in the comment below!