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Scratching the Chalkboard: Sound the Alarms!

FC Dallas has officially fallen apart

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

This road swing is continuing to kick Dallas down and beat them up. The Hoops are now a lowly 0-3-1 with only one goal scored four games in and are currently sitting on a three game goalless scoring streak. Basically, it's almost time to hit the panic button. I only say almost as we have Colorado on Friday and as bad as things have been for Dallas recently, we haven't reached the Rapids level of mediocrity yet. If Dallas cannot pull a result on Friday, then yes, hit the panic button. Until then, here's how the game unfolded against Seattle.

The Brad Evans Effect

In the first half, FC Dallas actually found a lot of success between the lines and attacking Seattle down the middle. Pareja had Blas Perez drop back and exploit the space that would have been occupied by Ozzie Alonso.

Zone 14

Blas Perez went 7/7 with a key pass in Zone 14 and it looked like it was only going to be a matter of time before Dallas broke their goal scoring drought.

Then, Brad F*#king Evans happened.

Seattle was actually forced to play a lot deeper because they had to compensate defensively by throwing more numbers back, which led to them spending most of the time  on the ball inside their own half.

SEA 1st Half

Once Evans showed up in the second half, this happened:

SEA 2nd Half

Seattle got more direct and were able to play a bit higher thanks to Evans being able to hold down the midfield better than Pineda was able to. Of course, Obafemi Martins also pushed the line back too but this whole thing started with Brad f*#king Evans.

(Note, I have no problems with Evans as a player. I actually like his game a lot. I just don't like it when he does well against Dallas.)

Getting Predictable

Dallas badly needs another option on the opposite side of Fabian Castillo. It doesn't have to be just one player and can be a combination of outside mids and fullbacks, but the lack of balance is starting to hurt this team. It became really predictable that Dallas was only going to attack down one side (Castillo's) and made it really easy for Seattle's defense to shift their starting positions and keep Dallas at bay.

left side

Solid Debutant

Alex Zendejas got his first career MLS start and did not disappoint. Despite being only 17 years of age, he looked very comfortable playing in such a hostile environment.


20/27 passing, 1 key pass, 2 tackles won,1 block, 1 clearance, 6 recoveries and 2 successful dribbles.

Here's a gif of him receiving the ball and showing off his balance (courtesy of @MLSAnalyst)

That's incredible composure from a player that young. So if you're a glass is half full kind of person, then focus on Zendejas and the HGPs this club keeps bringing up to the first team. If you're a glass is half empty kind of person, then I don't need to tell you any more as I'm sure you'll have plenty to say in the comments. (Comment away!)